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Welcome to Biobubs, the gentle, all natural solution to keep your baby feeling calm and comfy.

✓ 100% Natural ingredients ✓ Gluten- and Lactose free ✓ Safe for babies ✓ Australian family-owned business
In a recent study with Australian mums of babies aged 3 months to 3 years, 82% reported that Biobubs made their little one noticeably more restful and relaxed.*

At Biobubs, we understand that when bub is crying all night long or is suffering from colic, it can be a taxing time for parents. But who wants to use prescription meds or expose baby’s little body to harsh chemicals? This is why Biobubs provides an all-natural way to keep your little treasure comfortable.

In crafting Biobubs, we use only selected natural ingredients that are based on a century old secret recipe and are sourced here in Australia and the pristine Swiss Alps. All Biobubs products contain a unique blend of organic herbs as well as the essential oils of Chamomile and Lavender, all well known for promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing.

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See what our mums have to say:

Suz, 32 with her first, Lucas.

Angie, 28 with her first, Noah

Pari, 34 with her second, Tanya.

“When a friend of mine recommended Biobubs, I was sceptical at first. Could an all-natural solution really do enough to calm my little night owl? I gave it a try and was really surprised: It doesn’t knock him out like the stuff my paediatrician recommended but it does calm him down a bit, enough to make life that little bit easier for us at night.”

Suz, 32 with her first, Lucas.

Biobubs has really changed our lives. Little Noah used to be so restless and often noisy at night- but just a few of those amazing micro-granules and he’s visibly more comfortable.”

Angie, 28 with her first, Noah.

“My first one was always calm and so easy to keep entertained. But it was so different with little Tanya: She was screaming and going on for hours, often out of absolutely nowhere. Biobubs really made a big difference with her, both the room spray and the roll on really work: She becomes so relaxed and you can just see how she’s feeling better, from one moment to another!”

Pari, 34 with her second, Tanya.

* In-house research with 31 Australian mums, self-reported satisfaction with Biobubs.

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Biobakers, 850 Bourke Street, Waterloo NSW 2017 Australia


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