Our History

When Doctor Humphreys left his quaint little English village in Oxfordshire to join a ship of settlers as the ships surgeon, he knew that his life would never be the same. And indeed, in the wide open lands of Australia, he would have to treat many an injury that would have been viewed as rather peculiar in his tiny English town.

Of the many ointments and creams in Doctor Humphreys’ repertoire, the biggest secret was a tonic of only natural ingredients that, as if by magic, had a calming, soothing effect on babies. Many a mother in his family and closest community could attest that this unique recipe was a godsend when the little one had one of its unruly nights. Unfortunately, over the years, Doctor Humphreys’ little secret faded more and more from memory.

We thought it is time to bring back this little secret from centuries ago. And so this is the story of Biobubs, diligently following Doctor Humphrey’s original recipe and instructions. The product is batch crafted and hand packed in Australia from only the purest natural ingredients sourced here in Australia and in Europe. Exactly like in the early 19th century, today’s Biobubs does not contain any chemicals or nasty artificial ingredients so rest assured it is completely safe for your baby. And while a purely natural product like Biobubs might not work in every case and for every baby, the mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers from Doctor Humphreys’ family have always sworn on this tiny little trick, so we think it might well be worth a try for you and your little one too. Biobubs- Born in Australia.


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