How to use Biobubs

Biobubs comes in three great formats - Biobubs Classic Micro-granules, Biobubs Calming and Soothing Room Spray and Biobubs Gentle Baby Roll On.

Using only selected natural ingredients that are based on a century old secret recipe, all Biobubs products are carefully crafted and hand packed in Australia. They are gluten- and lactose- free and come in convenient formats which are easy to administer, even on the go. Biobubs- the gentle way to get back a little peace and quiet. Born in Australia.

Biobubs Classic Micro-granules:

Simply place a pinch of micro-granules inside your baby’s cheek and they will dissolve within seconds for rapid absorption. Each bottle contains enough granules for approx. 150 applications. Contains extracts of organic chamomile and lavender and only a tiny amount of sucrose to be tasty for baby. 

Newborns up to 6 months: Approx. 5 granules

Babies 6 to 12 months: Approx. 10 granules

Toddlers 12 months and up to 3 years: Approx. 15-20 granules

    Biobubs Calming and Soothing Room Spray:

    Can be used in the air of the room or onto fabric like bedding or clothes. Try in inconspicuous area first to avoid coloration. Do not ingest. Shake well before use. Contains organic sweet almond oil, extracts of organic chamomile and lavender, mandarin oil extracts and all natural Hamamelis virginiana (“Witch hazel”). 


    Biobubs Gentle Baby Roll On

    Spread gently on baby’s wrists and ankles. Do not ingest. Shake well before use. Contains extracts of organic chamomile and lavender, organic sweet almond oil and all natural Hamamelis virginiana (“Witch hazel”). If your baby suffers from any forms of Nut allergies or skin sensitivities to nut oils, please spot test this oil first before direct application to baby's body.

    Of course, all Biobubs come in enviro-friendly packaging and our glass bottles are recyclable.

    As a small family business, we sell Biobubs exclusively via the internet so you will not find these products anywhere in traditional retail. So with this great reduced offer AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, why not give it a try now? 


    Please note that for most babies, it is perfectly normal to wake up at night or throw a little tantrum here and there and there is no need at all to medicate them. However if symptoms persist or even worsen, or if other worrying symptoms appear besides just normal behaviour of a newborn, we always strongly suggest you see a medical professional as Biobubs is not meant to be used to treat any serious ailments.
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