Teething in babies -what you need to know

Your baby’s first year is a huge period of growth and change. One of the most noticeable changes from birth to the 1st birthday is their teeth. Those adorable pearly whites are actually present under the gums at birth, but they’ll need to make their way to the surface. As you can imagine, this process can cause some unpleasant symptoms for your little one.

Luckily, compared to other baby sleep stumbling blocks, teething is relatively benign because not all teeth will cause problems and some teeth will grow simultaneously. In fact, Teething rarely causes any serious medical problems. But there certainly is the issue about teething and sleeping as none of your frozen bagels or colorful rubber rings will work when your baby is trying to sleep.

Some will tell you to fill your little one up with painkillers from the Chemist or you might try gels and ointments which often contain alcohol or even benzocaine, a powerful oral anaesthetic. Understandably, as a loving mum, this is not what you want to do to your precious little one. This is where Biobubs comes in, the all natural solution to keep your baby calm and comfy during teething: Just place a few of its unique micro-granules inside baby's cheek and see how your little one becomes noticeably more restful and relaxed. Biobubs contains no harsh chemicals or other artificial nasties which makes this gentle formula ideal for all infants from 3 months and older which is perfect for getting your baby through teething. 


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