Welcome to Biobubs! This is my story and my secret!

Hello, thank you visiting my website and store! I’m Liz, and this is my small business called Biobubs. Biobubs is a small, family-based business and our product is designed to help your baby feel calm and comfy.

All babies cry, and all Mums and Dads out there know that this is simply our little one’s way of communicating with us. Sometimes bub is telling us something important, that something is stressing them out making them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, which is the last thing we want as parents. However sometimes, your baby is crying to get attention, or because they want more milk than their fill. They cry when they wake up in the middle of the night and feel confused, or sometimes they cry from being overtired yet not able to sleep in the first place.

We’ve all been there, we all know what a troubling time that can be for baby and parents alike. The statistics on how little sleep parents get during the first year of their bub’s life is alarming and most of us accept this as an unfortunate fact of life. How much of your baby’s crying is necessary and is all that lack of sleep also really necessary?

This is where hopefully Biobubs can lend a hand! We’ve had a little remedy in our family for a long time now and it has certainly helped me raise my firstborn, who was a little banshee indeed! There are not a lot of products out there to help families with this situation, so I thought it time to share my little piece of comfort with the world.

Our product is made of only organic ingredients including chamomile, lavender and a small amount of sucrose. It’s not a harsh chemical sleeping medication, but rather is a calming remedy that helps your baby move into a more comfortable state so that it can stop crying on its own, or so that it can feel comfortable enough to fall asleep, naturally. The aim of our product is simply to help little bub get into a calmer frame of mind. The goal is to give your baby a calming distraction (a tasty one at that!) so you’ve got a few free moments to get to one of your many other responsibilities.

Being all natural, it might not work for every baby as every baby is different and needs a different remedy for different situations. Using our little remedy with our first boy really helped us through the worst of his temper tantrums. My daughter on the other hand didn’t really take to it. Your little treasure might stop crying if you give them a small dose, but it might not send them to sleep. Or perhaps to will be the other way around with your bub!

So this is the story of Biobubs! Nothing harsh and dangerous for your little one, just a little helper that stops the worst of the crying, and helps you get a little time back for yourself, without the worry of potentially harming your child. I hope you enjoy browsing our site and our social media channels, and I hope that you make a purchase while we offer free shipping. Most of all, I hope that both you AND your little biobub benefit from our little secret recipe!


Cheers, Liz

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