Why we know that mums Love Biobubs

We’ve known for a long time here at Biobubs, that our gentle, all natural solution has, as if by magic, a calming, soothing effect on many babies. But we wanted to see for ourselves how real Australian mums who are using using Biobubs rate the experience:

That’s why a few weeks ago, we invited 31 Australian mums of babies aged 3 months to 3 years into Biobubs Headquarters in Sydney, NSW. We first got to know each other and found out what kind of symptoms they were struggling with and often, it turned out to be a mix of sleeplessness, colic-like endless crying, teething pain or trapped winds in all possible combinations. We then explained to our moms how easy Biobubs can be applied with just a few micro-granules to be placed inside baby’s cheek where they will dissolve within seconds for rapid absorption.

After reassuring our super mums again that of course, our product is indeed made from 100% all natural ingredients and does not include any artificial nasties whatsoever so is entirely safe for infants, we sent them back home with a bottle of Biobubs each and agreed to follow up with a survey a month later. We decided to keep it simple, so all we asked was whether our mums where happy with our product and whether they could see a positive effect on their precious little ones.

As a tiny family-owned business, we cannot afford a clinical trial with hundreds of participants and we indeed are very conscious that we’re not a medicinal product but rather a purely natural aid that will work on some and might not work on others. Even more so, we were thrilled when 25 mums, which is over 80% of our sample, came back to us claiming that after using Biobubs, their little one was noticeably more restful and relaxed. Quite a few of them even made comments that it has totally changed their lives to the better or that they finally get some sleep at night again. One of our mums, Maria from Rockingham, WA told us that “Biobubs has entirely changed our little night owl: Liam is now much quieter at night and seems generally more at ease whenever I give him Biobubs.” Actually, only 6 of our mums either couldn’t perceive any significant difference at all or had to instead consult with a medical professional because the symptoms worsened during this time or it turned out to be caused by a broader, medical issue. In these cases, we always strongly recommend to see a professional to ensure not missing something more serious.

In essence, of our 31 Aussie mums, 81% were satisfied with Biobubs and reported a visible change in their little ones behavior to the better. What it meant for the parents, of course, was less worrying and less sleepless nights for them as well. To quote Casey from Dandenong, VIC: “I love my little baby girl more than anything in life but over the first couple of months, the lack of sleep has taken its toll both on myself and my husband as well. We are so grateful that, thanks to Biobubs,  she now sleeps so much better and it has been a revelation for us too. For the first time in months, we finally get some time of proper deep sleep during the night which has been amazing!”

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